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Are you working on strengthening your PC muscle?

If not, you should be…

Let me explain…

Your PC muscle, or “Pubococcygeus muscle”, is a hammock-like muscle that stretches from
your pubic bone to your tail bone.

It’s main function is to control urine flow. 

So when you go to the restroom and you stop yourself midstream, you’re using your PC
muscle to do this.

You may be thinking… “Who cares?”

Well you should…

You see, your PC muscle also plays a huge role in your ejaculation control (or lack

If you have a weak PC muscle, you’re going to have a much harder time controlling when
you ejaculate.

If you’ve never heard about this, you’re not alone…

Most men have never heard of a PC muscle, let alone that a weak PC muscle can contribute to their “PE” problems.

Almost all men with stamina problems have weak PC muscles, so chances are you do too.

The good news is you can easily strengthen this muscle, just like any other muscle.

All you have to do is follow the simple PC muscle exercises I lay out for you in Erection by command.

Talk Soon,
Joe Slade

P.S. I’ll check in soon to see how the exercises are coming along.

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