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Can’t Stay Hard When Penetrating?‏
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If you could have any super power you wanted, what would it be?

I recently asked a whole bunch of men this question and many came back with the exact same answer…

“The natural power to get HARD and stay HARD at will”

Now, I can’t actually give you super powers.

But I can give you the next best thing.

If you want to unleash that rock-hard, natural stiffness you had when you were younger, and please your woman with vein- bulging, long-lasting hardness

==> This can help…

You see, I have a friend who has been quietly helping over 20,000 guys to regain the performance they have been missing.

By using some very simple tactics…

At some point every guy will have a little issue now and then with his partner.

Or sometimes a big issue.

Sometimes things don’t work at all.

Too fast, or grinding away and nothing happens.

Or just can’t get standing to attention, if you know what I mean.

(Or going soft at the worst possible moment.)

But once you get this part of your sex life handled, things are going to get much easier, because…

* You’ll finally be able to make out like a REAL man…

* You’ll crush through any performance issues, and give your girl the heart- thumping pleasure you know she deserves.

* You’ll set things back to the natural order of things, so that your intimate life will thrive again.

==> Go experience it for yourself here…

What to do when your rod goes “SOFT”?

Well, here’s a question the other day, that sums up another similar problem many guys face in the bedroom…


“My lady has TONS more experience then I
will ever have. I am having trouble staying
hard. With your tips I was able to rock her
world orally, multiple times, something she
never experienced. Just when it comes time
to “hump”, I go soft instantly. Is there
something I can do?”

==> Here’s something that works amazingly well for me…

** MY REPLY **

Hi Dan,

If you can get hard through hand or mouth
stimulation from your partner, there’s
nothing wrong with you physically (and
that’s good news 🙂

When a man fails to get his rod up, it’s
usually due to nerves or performance
anxiety. The key is to learn to relax and
become comfortable with each other and
not make any demands on yourself.

Try talking to your partner about what
you’re going through, and don’t make a
big deal out of it. It helps to be honest,
or even have a sense of humor.

Say something like, “hey, I know it’s a bit
weird, but I’m feeling a little nervous here
and I think I need a little help from you”

Most men don’t know this, but here are 2 important facts about women and sex:

lloyd lester erection on command pdf review download ebook freeWomen enjoy:

* watching a man’s rod grow

* having a hand in making it grow

The key is to stop worrying and to let her regain your hardness.

If for whatever reason you lose your stiffness while making out, it doesn’t mean you have to stop your romp in the bedroom.

On the contrary, refocus your attention on getting comfortable making out with each other, without worrying about whether or not you can stay hard enough.

Often your hardness will return, and your woman will enjoy watching it grow… especially if she has a hand in it.

Remember, sex is not something we do “by the numbers”, so relax, STOP WORRYING, and enjoy exploring and learning together.

Let’s not have any expectations other than having a wonderful time together.

Women love a guy’s presence and attention.

An orgasm isn’t a requirement. For guys, it is… although, how we get there isn’t as crucial as enjoying the adventure.

If you focus more on this and less on trying to do everything right, you’re going to have a much more enjoyable time with each other.

But If you’re desperate to end the problem of “going soft” during your most intimate moments….

This “HACK” will help you unleash instant, vein-bulging hardness and gives you back the passionate, powerful lovemaking you were longing for…

The “secret sauce” is in this crazy little technique… the exact same techniques I used to give even “cold” women body -shaking, sheet-gripping pleasure…

That can help ANY guy gain absolute CONTROL over his rod…

And make “getting it up” as easy as snapping your finger (no matter how nervous you are or how bad of a “problem” this has been in the past.)

==> See how this sneaky erection by command “hack” works…

If you’re a little skeptical right now – yet also a tiny bit excited about having that kind of power and control at your fingertips, whenever you command it…

I’m about to reveal to you just how easy – and real – it is to actually enjoy this kind of life right now.

==> This is my best-kept secret…erection by command review pdf download ebook freelloyd lester reviews

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester




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